Fireplace Ashes


Ashes that the fireplace collect can be messy and a nuisance as they may cause sneezing. These ashes, however, can be useful in other things which make these unpleasant burnt wood have benefits. There are various things that you can do with them to clear off the mess.

Benefits of ashes from your fireplace

Help plants and treesfiretomaaaaaaaaaaaa

Trees can benefit from this white mess from your fireplace. Ash from hardwood in the fireplace can help improve the nutrition of your trees and other plants and the surrounding soil as well when spread at the base of the plants. Ash contains potassium that will help the plants bloom and flower. Adding a little of the white mess with tomato seeds will improve their growth.

Stain remover

Your furniture may have some spills of stubborn stains or paint that may be hard to remove. Scooping a little ash powder from the fireplace and mixing with water can help clear the stains from your furniture. If the spills are from paint, you will need to the ash on top of the spill and get it off easily. Other marks on your furniture can be removed by using a piece of cloth dipped in a mixture of ash and water to scrub gently then cleaning it up with a non-abrasive rag.

Melt ice

Sprinkling little ash on icy surfaces will help melt the ice on the surfaces. These ashes can also unfreeze your garden and other areas. A light layer of ash deals is good for defrosting icy places.

Spruce your lawn

Adding little wood residue is a good way to live the grass in your lawns and make it grow. Be careful however not to add too much of ash as it may be more toxic than beneficial to your lawns.

Avoid rodents and insects

Just like humafiresnaiiiiiiiiiiiin beings, rodents and insects do not like the white mess either. This makes the ash from the fireplace an excellent repellant of these animals. By spreading an even layer of the ash in the garden or flower bed, you can help keep off pests like snails from ruining your garden.

This messy fireplace residue has a variety of benefits and can be used to various other areas. Do not worry about the residue but rather think positive of them and reap these benefits.