Natural Products For Home Use

clean bathroom

Apart from electricity, indoor plumbing is one of the biggest advances in technology that results in comfort and convenience. While a lot of people cannot do without this convenience, there is a downside to rooms that are used more than other rooms in your home. Germs are inevitable, and everyone knows that bathrooms need regular cleaning to remove scum, to keep the plumbing working properly, and to kill germs.

Many people, however, believe that only harsh chemicals bought from stores can kill germs and provide the deep cleaning solution you require. But that is not always the case; there are a lot of natural products that can perform the task without causing damage to the environment, fixtures or your health.

Safe, natural products to use in your home


Vinegar is popular for DIY cleaning projects. It is an excellent disinfectant, deodorizer, and all-purpose cleaner. Its usage is excellent in the bathroom because it eats away soap scum on the plumbing fixtures without causing damage to them. Also, it can remove hard water inside the toilet bowl. Leave the vinegar to sit in the toilet bowl for some time to break up the stains before scrubbing. Use diluted vinegar for tiles, window or mirror cleaner to get best results.

Lemon juice

This is another natural product that is excellent in dissolving soap scum and hard water. It works excellently in your bathroom for plumbing fixtures, and can also be used as a scrubbing paste when mixed with baking soda. Lemon juice can also help bleach out hard-to-remove rings in your tub since it works as a very strong bleaching agent. Besides, nothing will make your home feel clean and fresh than the smell of lemons.

 Baking soda

This is an all-purpose cleaning product that is great for deodorizing your bathroom by getting rid of the ever-present smells in your bathroom. It is gentle on porcelain and plumbing fixtures, and it leaves them bright and shiny. It can also be used as a scrubbing product.


Borabarking soda and boraxx has always been used as a natural laundry boost. However, it can also be used for cleaning hard water
stains and the rim under the toilet seat. It does not damage these surfaces even when you directly sprinkle on the tub or sink. You can also dissolve borax in vinegar or lemon juice solution and use it as an all-purpose cleaner or window cleaner.

Do your part by keeping your family and your environment safe, by restraining from the usage of harsh cleaning chemicals, and use natural products that do not only keep your bathroom clean and shiny but also disinfects.